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Bruntmor offer the best Bruntmor, Set of 2 Borosilicate Glass Water Infuser Bottle 17oz, With 4 Sleeves & Cleaning Brush. This awesome product currently in stocks, you can get this Sports now for $38.04 $37.77. New

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Product includes 2 17oz Water Bottles & 4 colorful Nylon sleeve for protection, decoration and greater insulation in temperature of water bottle. Great convenience with attached holding-strap for carrying. This is an item for everyday use: indoor/ traveling/ fitness and exercising and everywhere you go.
Trendy and High-Quality -- Simplistic, smooth design of Bruntmor Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with infuser is perfectly design for your everyday use. Stay hydrate with fresh, pure taste of water and favorite drink in Bruntmor sleeved glass bottle.
Safety and Improvement Made with borosilicate glass, Bruntmor Glass Water Bottle is BPA free. It is more durable, and has better temperature tolerance than other traditional glass bottle. Use Caution with Cold Temperatures - Do not overfill by filling completely to the top of the bottle. Do not freeze frozen.
4 Useful Nylon Sleeves: The nylon cover provides a comfortable feeling and against hot. It makes easier to grip against falling off and effective protect glass body from damage, and fits most standard car cup holders.
Easy Carry, Leak Proof, No Spill, No Sweat. Carry purified water you can trust. Slides easily into car cup holder, bike rack or hiking backpack. Holds just the right amount. Right size opening makes it comfortable to drink from.


Height 3.3 inch, Length 9.8 inch
Width 7.9 inch, Weight 2 pounds.

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BRUNTMOR Set of 2 Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Infusers is NOT YOUR ORDINARY GLASS LIQUID BOTTLE! Bruntmor Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle is finely designed with its simplistic appearance for fresh pure water or any tasty drink of your choice. The bottom gasket for the tea basket has a slit in it. If you look closely, one side has a ridge on it and the other side is flat. If you hold the gasket so the flat side is up, and the tea basket open side up, the gasket slides OVER the rim of the basket, making a seal on both the top and bottom.



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