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3" inch diameter round button with magnet on the back
Easy to flip to show if the dishwasher is clean or dirty
Plastic shell on the front and metal backing on the back to prevent any damage
Black and stainless stell (grey) coloring
Made in the USA!


Height 3 inch, Length 3 inch
Width 0.2 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

Product Descriptions

Are you tired of trying to guess if the dishes are clean or dirty? This Clean Dirty Magnet by Patriot Web Design will help solve that problem. The Clean Dirty magnet is on a 3" round button backing with a strong magnet on the back to stick to your dishwasher (as long as the dishwasher is magnetic). This magnet is built to last with a metal backing behind the image and a plastic shell in front of the image to keep the image safe. For the magnet to work all you have to do is flip the magnet to show either that the dishes are clean or the dishes are dirty. Whatever saying is on top and readable i



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