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CLINICALLY-PROVEN. In a clinical study conducted by Princeton Consumer Research, 95% of participants reported improvement in their level of anxiety and stress within 30 days.
FAST RELIEF. More than 2 out of 3 participants experienced relief from anxiety and stress within 30 minutes.
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Non-GMO • Vegan • Gluten-Free • 30 Veggie Capsules


Height 3.5 inch, Length 1.85 inch
Width 1.85 inch, Weight 0.08 pounds.

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The RediCalm formula is the result of extensive clinical research into the safest and most effective natural compounds for stress and anxiety relief. Our researchers concluded that 5 natural ingredients stood above all others: L-Theanine 5-HTP Ashwagandha Lemon Balm Passion Flower While each ingredient showed promise on its own, our researchers found that maximum relief was possible only when the ingredients were combined to work as a unit. After months of testing different formulations of these 5 ingredients for safety and effectiveness, they finally arrived at the optimal formula. We have c



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