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PEMOTech offer the best Reusable Stainless Steel Straws,PEMOTech 10.5" Extra Long 0.24"Diameter 18/8 Drinking Straws for 30 OZ & 20 OZ RTIC Tumbler Yeti Rambler Cup,3 Straight and 3 Bend Straws and 2 Free Cleaning Brushes. This awesome product currently 2 unit available, you can buy it now for $19.99 $6.99 and usually ships in 24 hours New

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Mother's Day Gift. SUPERIOR DESIGN--made from high quality18/8 Stainless Steel, which is durable, nontoxic, lead free, 100% safe for children and Enjoy your bubble tea, milkshakes and smoothies on a hot summers day effortlessly! The steel retains the temperature of your cold drink and helps keep it from melting down faster.(10.5" length*0.24"diameter).
ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN-- This design reduces plastic waste. It's long lasting and compatible with all major drink tumbler varieties, including Yeti, Starbucks, and Tervis. Great for hot or cold drinks.If you love drinking your beverages through a straw, you can imagine how many little drink helpers you send to the landfill every year.
BPA FREE--Our straws are BPA free, food grade, and Dishwasher safe, so being better to yourself is easier than ever before. Never worry about toxins and BPA or lead with Epica drinking straws. They are strong, rust-resistant, and will not bend, twist, crack, or break like plastic and glass straws are known to do.
NO METAL SMELL--You may worry about tasting the stainless steel from these straws, feeling odd. But we guarantee you won't taste that, clean them with warm soapy water after you receive it, then you won't feel any smell of steel when you enjoy your juice,or other drinks.
BONUS CLEANING BRUSH INCLUDED-Made from nylon and flexible steel, this brush is great for getting into the nooks and crannies. Plus, both the brush and the straws are DISHWASHER SAFE.Also includes 3 straight straws and 3 bent straws for your needs and convenience. Fits any kitchen. Great for parties and entertaining of all kinds-Juicing, cocktails, boba,smoothies(Tumbler not included)


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Are You Still Using Those Same Old Plastic Straws? You want to be 'Green,' but reusing plastic straws is just unsanitary, and glass straws break. Yuck! The good news is that you now have a better option. Stainless steel drinking straws are practically indestructible and can be used again and again - making them the ideal environmentally friendly choice. The Only Reusable Straws That Can Be Sanitized - Safe For Your Family PEMOTech stainless steel drinking straws are made to be used anywhere you can use regular plastic drinking straws. But unlike plastic and glass, stainless steel straws won't



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