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• THE EASIEST SLICER TOOL: Watermelons and melons are usually avoided because they're not the easiest fruit to slice and serve. Our watermelon slicer will make this process as easy as eating a peach! Cut into the watermelon with no effort, grab the slice and serve. Cut vertically and horizontally to create nice watermelon cubes. Refresh your summer day with the juicy pieces of fruit your diet has been lacking!
• PERFECT SLICES: Our tool will cut efficiently and create the best slices you've seen. Its ergonomic design will keep your grip steady, so you can use the slicer's other side as tongs and do the serving. It's a clean process, without the mess caused by a simple knife! Even better, you can cut all the way to the rind, wasting none of your delicious fruit!
• TOP QUALITY: Made by high quality stainless steel, and sturdy rubber handles that feel great to the touch, our slicer is a kitchen accessory you will use for a very long time. It will stay sharp and rust-free for as long as you own it! Its material is food-grade, while the blades are sharp enough for fruit, but not more. This makes our slicer one of the safest tools in your kitchen.
• FREE MELON BALLERS: With every purchase of the PerfectSlice watermelon slicer, we will send you not 1, but 2 completely FREE melon ballers as a bonus gift! They come in striking yellow color and they will help you create impressive fruit balls of melon, watermelon, dragon fruit or similar fruit, for a refreshing and fancy fruit salad!
• SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: You will absolutely love our slicer and baller accessories. In the unlikely event you find something wrong, please return them to receive a full refund immediately. With our 100% money back guarantee it's a safe and easy buy!


Height 9.2 inch, Length 2.9 inch
Width 1.5 inch, Weight 0.4 pounds.

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Enjoy Juicy Summer Fruit With The PerfectSlice Watermelon Slicer You can stop avoiding melons and watermelons because of the mess of slicing them with a simple knife. With the PerfectSlice accessory you will slice, cut and serve delicious watermelon slices cleanly in seconds! You can make slices, cubes or other shapes easily just by using our slicer and your imagination! Our watermelon slicer comes in a vibrant red color that will give a touch of bright color to your kitchen. Accompanying it, you will receive a FREE bonus gift pack of 2 melon ballers of lively yellow color. Easy And Effortless



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