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WEEKWEED offer the best Weekweed - Portable Folding Electric Air Drying Clothes Dryer Clothing Dryer Heater - 2016 New Generation+Quality Assurance. This awesome product currently in stocks, you can get this now for $89.99 $50.99. New

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Lightweight, foldable, easy to assemble and disassemble, ultimate space saver,
Pop up style dryer machine, good for housework, apartment, dormitory, sport and travel
Powerful but quiet motor -Two dryer setting, time fixed and manully turned it off.
Safe and suitable for all fabrics, sterilizes garments at the same time
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, Good after-sale support


Height 19.7 inch, Length 19.7 inch
Width 35.46 inch, Weight 0 pounds.

Product Descriptions

Weekweed represents you comfortable life. Try it we know you will like it! 2016 New Pro If you are stuck with loads of laundry and without a dryer, this Weekweed portable dryer is for you. Instead of hanging on clotheslines and checking every 5 minutes if it dropped or covering every exposed inch of your house with delicate clothing that cannot go in the tumble dryer, you have a perfect solution: Weekweed's Portable Dryer. Dry clothes quickly and efficiently from anywhere. Its easy to assemble and just plug in to operate. The Weekweed portable dryer will dry your clothing in the same time i



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